Weekly Car Tip: Fuel Injectors


It cannot be stressed enough how integral fuel injectors are to the proper maintenance of your vehicle. For peak performance, I am always up to date on the amount of fuel injectors in my car because I understand that the best can extend the quality of your car. Of course, with so many fuel injectors available on the market, it is important to narrow the field down and figure out which ones are the best for your particular car.

What most people can all agree on is that car maintenance is not only expensive, but it can get time consuming if you let it get out of control. To ensure that you keep up the maintenance of your vehicle, there are more than a few steps that you can take to keep your car at peak labels. As long as your car mechanic can thoroughly clean your car and keep it well-oiled and preened, performance will be optimal. Adding fuel injectors with your regular cleaning can make all the difference in the world and should not be dismissed.

What you put in your car is what makes the difference between a good engine and a great one. Of course, everyone has their own favorite additives they prefer to use when it comes to the performance of their car, and I am no different. In my experience, I have been able to narrow down the field to fuel injector cleaners that get the job done and are definitely worth the investment if you want to save money in the long run.

BG 44K

As one of the more popular fuel injector cleaners for the last few decades, BG 44K has been created to keep your car’s valves, combustion chambers, and injector pristine with a short period of time. By removing rust and unclogging your injector, BG 44K has been shown to quickly get your vehicle in shape in a short amount of time.

This is one fuel injector cleaner that can be trusted to rid you of typical problems cars experience like engine surge, stalling, and power loss. It also improves the drivability of your vehicle and gets you more miles per gallon. Plus, it’s safe to use in combination with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. You can even use an 11-ounce can to clean 20 gallons, a great value that will reduce your exhaust emissions over time. Note that you cannot use BG 44K on diesel engines, but there is the alternative of using BG 244 Diesel.

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Chevron Techron Plus

Chevron Techron is a perfect solution if you are looking to clean fuel systems and is the perfect fuel injector cleaner for small trucks and passenger cars. Because it has been shown to clean fuel systems efficiently, it comes highly recommended by automakers. Use this brand to reduce knock, return lost acceleration, minimise emissions, and restore optimal performance. Their Plus fuel injector cleaner is great at breaking down the sulfur-related gunk that can find itself stuck inside a vehicle. I have been advised to use this brand in the car about every three thousand miles and no more than two times per oil change. Again, this fuel injector cleaner is also not made for diesel engines.

Red Line 60103

Red Line 60103 stands at the top of the class for fuel injector cleaners because it is quite effective preventing the building up of moisture in the car as well as other substances. It also ensures that you are equipped with a cleaning agent that is of premium quality and can reduce the harmful substances that can potentially harm your engine. For vehicles that are gasoline powered, this is a perfect choice that can eliminate excessive gunk, rust, moisture, and carbon build-up. Compared to other cleaners, it is non-abrasive, yet still powerful.

Before you decide on a particular brand, you should take your car in to be seen by a professional mechanic if you don’t already have one that you typically use. What I have found it that a little investment up front can go a long way towards maintaining the performance of your car long-term. Select one of these fuel injector cleaners and I guarantee that you will see improvements quickly.

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